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Claudia Martorana Founder of the DNA agency

Rich from a double culture, having grown up and lived

in different countries, I was lucky enough to be able to

flourish in an artistic and creative environment.


Thanks to these cosmopolitan universes, I was able to create my profession by evolving around different cultural influences; which led me to discover the world of cosmetics, fashion, event merchandising, Marketing but also Cinema.

These professions have the same objectives, notoriety

of a constantly evolving brand image.

DNA on sight 4 years ago, between the south of France

and the Parisian capital. A tailor-made Agency that has knew how to meet a strong expectation in the digital

world and the influence of social networks.

From branding to event organization to marketing there

is only one step, the advertising that the public retains.

Our know-how is to create the link between your identity, your dreams and their achievements.


DNA creator of adn

Martorana Claudia

ADN | 


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